New habits = Better me !

A program to create new HABITS through 30-day CHALLENGES

Habits easily, fast and together !

What can you get within this annual program ?

  1. 12 new good habits in the form of 1 support video for each week
  2. Unlimited access to content that if you will miss anything
  3. Shared environment and support in acquiring new habits
  4. Keys to how to adopt any good habit or get rid of a bad one
  5. Strengthen your will and discipline to achieve your goals

New habits are focused on :

  • Body work
  • Mind work
  • Mindfulness and gratitude
  • Relationships and emotions
  • Self-love and self-confidence
  • Goals and abundance
  • Self-education
  • Foreign languages
And more…

A few words in the beginning …

My name is Lucie Novotná and I have been involved in personal development for over 12 years. For the last 3 years I live with my boyfriend on the tropical French island Réunion. In 2019, we published a book about relationships in the Czech language called The Key to the Relationship.

The field of psychology and sociology fascinates me so much that I share my knowledge and experience with other people with great enthusiasm. It’s a great reward for me to know that the information has benefited them and it always charges me with energy to create something new again.

Year 2020 was probably a big shock to everyone about what could happen at a global level, and we probably didn’t imagine that we would face a pandemic until now. Although we tried to see also positive sides and overview of the situation, this situation more or less affected everyone.

“Let’s focus at this time on what we can do, not what we can’t do.”

And now ?

Because the world will probably never return to where it was before, it’s important to adapt to the whole situation and realize what positive things we can do for ourselves and our others. So a few months ago, the idea came to me that after that more relaxed time, I should re-establish my good habits and build other, new ones that will help me achieve my goals.

I realized that I would definitely not be alone with such a need, to bring into my days a little better order and results without disconnecting from the present moment and oneself. I found this balance between the present and planning for the future through the right habits.

I’ve also figured out that in addition to the proven advices from different books about building habits, two things help me the most :

  1. Start the habit through a 30-day challenge, when I really decide not to miss a single day,
  2. Not to be on this challenge alone, but to do it with someone (even if only at a distance).

And so the idea of this project arose, to make such 30-day challenges all together.